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    Perfectly Imperfect - Student Exhibition 2022 - Infinite Possibilities

    This publication is a remarkable collection of works prepared by students of Lorna Crane's Perfectly Imperfect online course in 2022. www.fibreartstaketwocom/courses/lornacrane/

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    Creating with Courage - Student Exhibition 2022 - Seeing Beauty in the Discarded

    Seeing Beauty in the Discarded is an extraordinary collection of works created by the students of Clarissa Callesen’s signature online course, Creating with Courage with Fibre Arts Take Two. Foreword by Clarissa Callesen: ‘A rusty bottle cap, broken scissors, a twig, a scrap of torn clothing, a crushed piece of metal. What do you see? Garbage? Or more? We live in a culture of discard, disposal, and disregard. A fast culture running past life from one commitment to another, tossing food packages, while walking past the marginalized and forgetting our own true nature. What would happen if we slowed down and looked purposefully at that rusty bottle cap in the gutter? Do you see the curves? Do you appreciate the subtle variations of colour? Of texture? The marks of time? I invited this group of creatives to do just that: slow down, see, play, experiment, and question." Please look closely and appreciate the magic of creativity contained in these pages.

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    Making Connections - Student Exhibition 2022: A Note From…

    As a conclusion to Cas Holmes’s Making Connections 2022 online course, we invited our students to create and share a postcard showcasing the processes and techniques learnt throughout the course. The postcards submitted invite us to explore country gardens, salty beach getaways, ancient cities and even farmlands. In the spirit of sharing and connecting, students were encouraged to reach out to a fellow Making Connections participant and physically post their postcard to them with 'A Note From' a favourite place. We now encourage you to travel the world with us by taking a moment to traverse through the resulting postcards created especially for this exhibition.

  • Fibre Arts Take Two collaborates with professional fibre and mixed media artists globally inviting you into their studios, sharing their skills and knowledge with you online giving you the opportunity to learn, participate and engage from anywhere.

    Professionally produced with lifetime access and tutor interaction Fibre Arts Take Two has built a community that connects people to their passion through a beautiful online learning experience!

    Our online student exhibitions are just one of the ways we love to connect and share the talents of others. We hope you enjoy viewing the work of our outstanding students and reading their stories.