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    Joyful Embroidery - Student Exhibition - Collected Joy

    Our first online exhibition for Joyful Embroidery, guided by contemporary fibre artist, Fleur Woods. Participants of the online course were invited to submit a stitched piece of work encompassing the theme "Collected Joy". https://www.fibreartstaketwo.com/courses/fleurwoods/

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    Visual Narratives - Student Exhibition - Reveal & Conceal

    Our first online exhibition for Visual Narratives, Print Paint & Stitch. Guided by internationally recognized printmaker and mixed media artist – Sally Tyrie; - participants of the online course produced through Fibre Arts Take Two were invited to submit artwork in response to the theme: “Reveal and Conceal.” https://www.fibreartstaketwo.com/courses/sallytyrie/

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    Process & Possibilities - Student Exhibition - What Lies Beneath

    What Lies Beneath is the online exhibition of students who participated in Cordula Kagemann's Process & Possibilities online course. www.fibreartstaketwo.com/cordulakagemann/

  • Fibre Arts Take Two collaborates with professional fibre and mixed media artists globally inviting you into their studios, sharing their skills and knowledge with you online giving you the opportunity to learn, participate and engage from anywhere.

    Professionally produced with lifetime access and tutor interaction Fibre Arts Take Two has built a community that connects people to their passion through a beautiful online learning experience!

    Our online student exhibitions are just one of the ways we love to connect and share the talents of others. We hope you enjoy viewing the work of our outstanding students and reading their stories.